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The city of Arbois, JuraRoyal Saltworks of Arc and Sénans, Jura

A few suggested itineraries in the Jura:

First of all, a must-see are the wine growing villages located on the western slopes of the region where the vineyards are situated between the plains and the first geological plateau. This area is locally known as the "Revermont." Start from Lons le Saunier and head north on the wine route (route des vins). Drive through and visit the villages of Etoile, Baume les Messieurs, Voiteur, and Château Chalon. Stop in Poligny for a break, then continue until Buvilly, Pupillin, and Arbois. Don't forget to visit the wine museum and Louis Pasteur's home in Arbois before ending your tour of the wine-growing region in Montigny les Arsures. In each of the viallages, you will have the opportunity to visit the wine cellars and taste the local wines. While you are in the vicinity of Arbois, another must-see is the Saline Royale d'Arc et Senans (a restoration of the ancient saltworks which is classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO), which is an architectural masterpiece by Claude Nicolas Ledoux.

the city of Arbois

the wines of the Jura

Natural cave of Jura

The caves

The Jura has many spectacular caves that are open to the public. We would suggest the following: Osselles, Les Moidons, La Glacière, and the caves at Baume les Messieurs.

the caves

Wine and cheese from JuraComté of JuraMont d'Or, Jura


For those in search of gastronomical discoveries, a visit to the Jura would not be complete without sampling the famous local cheeses like Comté, Morbier, Vacherin Mont d'Or, Bleu de Gex, and Cancoillote. The flavors of these cheeses are harmoniously matched with the wines of the region, some of which are unique like the famous Vin Jaune, which bears the distinct characteristics of its local "terroir" and which cannot be commercialized before 7 years after its harvest. Your gastonomical tour of the Jura would also not be complete without tasting the regional smoked meats of the Franche-Comté, such as the Morteau sausage. The region has many high quality restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine. Our favorite is located in Arbois in the heart of the vineyards and is one of the best restaurants in the Jura (Michelin star restaurant).

La percée du vin jaune